SS Spray Dryer For Lab

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SS Spray Dryer For Lab

Type : LAB-2
Changes liquid to be powder
Features :
– Ease of cleaning with cleaning door provided for main chamber and long lasting since it is made fully from S.S.
– Nozzle system supplied is with Two Fluid Compressed Air Atomization along with the compressor and Peristaltic Pump. For different products separate tubing is used to avoid product contamination.
– The Laboratory spray dryer is suitable for Vertical mounting with a stainless steel skid /self supporting structure and suitable for single phase or three phase power supply.
– Spray Dried powder can be collected under cyclone as Single Point Discharge or optionally under chamber and cyclone as Two Point Discharge system. This gives flexibility to check particle size under chamber and cyclone.
– All material contact parts are made from S.S. for long term use and avoid any corrosion during frequent washing.
– GMP / Pharmaceutical standards are observed in manufactured like avoiding crevasses , smooth finish ,guards provided for electric motors, use of food Grade Silicon Gaskets etc.
– In case required LAB 2 Laboratory Spray Dryer can be used for removal of solvents instead of water using Nitrogen gas instead of air for drying.
Specification :
– Water evaporation capacity : 2 -3 kg/hr
– Feed rate with 30% solid content : 3 kg/hr
– Powder rate : 1kg/hr @ 5% M.C.
– Inlet temperature of Air : 190  – 300˚C
– Outlet Temperature of Air : 90  – 100˚C
– Flow between spray and hot gas : Two Fluid Compressed Air Nozzle Systems
– Heat Source and heating Method : Electric Air Heater
– Method of powder collection : “Blown Down” powder collected under the cyclone – Single Point Discharge and alternatively Two Point Discharge i.e. Under the cyclone and chamber
– Material of construction : SS AISI 316 / 304 Original 2B finish on the plates and weld lines ground smooth to 180 grit sanitary design.
– Atmospheric pressure : 760 mm Hg
– Ambient temperature : 30-40˚C Relative
– Relative humidity : 50%
– Location of installation : Indoor
Utility List :
1. Electric Power Source
– Motor : 420 V, 3 ph 50 Hz
– Instruments : 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz
2. Electric List (Installed)
– Feed Pump : 1.00 HP
– Exhaust Fan : 2.00 HP
3. Other Utilities
– Power Requirement for Electrical Air Heater : 12KW
– Space Requirement (L x W x H) mm : 1200 x 950 x 1200
– Weight of the unit : 300 Kgs
PLC operating system for spray dryer with HMI mounted on machine.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
Saturday: 08.00 – 15.00 WIB
*Services after working hours are served via SMS / WA

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